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In the book of Genesis, chapter 1, God says that us humans must rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, livestock and all the wild animals. We as rulers of His creation have to do this responsibly so that these creatures can also be protected through sustainable utilisation for future generations. I am proud to say that where hunting is done in this way, we in South Africa have played a significant role in protecting the various species. This has never been proven more clearly than the past century where, while examples of some specific places elsewhere are clear of failures, in the case of South Africa we have a success story to tell. We now have more game available for hunting than a 100 years ago!

I am privileged to have been part of the professional hunting industry since 2001, and a passionate hunter for a lot longer. I have learned my trade from some of the best in the business and for that I am very grateful. I love to spend time in the country during all seasons and over the years the spectacular beauty of the various Karoo regions have found a special place in my heart. I just cannot get enough of the fresh air, vast open plains, deep valleys, fascinating mountains, unspoilt scenery and the amazing animals that roam these spaces.

I have obtained concessions for trophy hunting on over 40 000 hectares (95 000 acres) of pristine game country to fulfil your dreams on a visit to Africa. When you come to hunt with Mimosa Safaris you will apply your skills to outwit the biggest variety of plains game in the world, each with its own uniqueness. And we guarantee, you will come back again and again.

Mimosa Safaris


I am qualified and registered as a Professional Hunter in the Eastern, Northern and Western Cape provinces of South Africa (free of malaria). These regions offer excellent plains game hunting to the true hunter.

I follow the principles of ethical hunting at all times and hunting will mainly take place by means of the walk and stalk method, however we have certain species that need to be hunted in unique ways to be successful — this forms part of the unforgettable experience that you will encounter while hunting with Mimosa Safaris

South African winters start in the beginning of April and continue till the end of October. The temperatures are mild and during the day it can be between 15°C and 25°C (59 and 77 °F). During the night it can get as cold as -5°C (23 °F).

Rifle Hunting

Hunting of plains game species will take place at any of 5 venues depending on the species that need to be hunted (all the species on offer does not occur on all the venues)

For a 5 day hunting Safari we will try and select one concession to hunt all the species wanted. From a 7 day Safari up to 14 days we will hunt on 2 to 3 different concessions also depending on the species wanted.

We at Mimosa Safaris will make every effort to accommodate all your hunting needs to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Bird Hunting

Bird hunting will mainly take place in the Western Cape and can be combined with your arrival and your departure from Cape Town airport.

This will normally be a full day of shooting with adequate bag limits to make it a special occasion.


Mimosa Safaris

World Class Accommodation

The Karoo is an ancient and a truly captivating place that holds a treasure of vistas that will always be ready to comfort you visually and spiritually. After a long hard day’s hunt in this sometimes harsh terrain you will come home to relax and refresh yourself. Mimosa Safaris selected the consessions not only for excellent trophy hunting but also for the stunning and rustic lodges and services that comes with it. The accommodation is special and you will find this to be your home away from home.

The lodges will accommodate you and your family as well as the single hunter with equal luxury at all times.

Mimosa Safaris


Daily Rate

(1 x 1) 1 PH per client $370/day
(1 x 2) 1 PH per 2 clients $300/day
Observer $200/day


Kudu $1550
Gemsbuck $1150
Eland $1950
Blue Wildebeest $850
Black Wildebeest $825
Red Hartebeest $850
Waterbuck $1850
Sable $11500
Nyala $2450
Bontebuck $3250
Blesbuck $425
Blesbuck (White) $650
Bushbuck $725
Impala $600
Springbuck(Common) $425
Springbuck(Black) $450
Springbuck(White) $525
Red Lechwe $2150
Mountain Reedbuck $725
Vaal Rhebuck $1150
Steenbuck $325
Duiker $290
Klipspringer $1150
Warthog $350
Bushpig $525
Caracal $950
Black Backed Jackal $650
Fallow Deer $625
Ostrich $450
Baboon $525
Bison $12500
Oryx (Arabian) $12500
Oryx (Scimitar) $2500
Buffalo POR
Lion POR
Giraffe POR

Daily rate includes:

  • Accommodation, meals and drinks while at the hunting lodge
  • Services of PH, hunting vehicle, skinner and camp staff
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Daily laundry services
  • Hunting license
  • Vehicle transport to and from nearest airport

Daily rate exclude:

  • Hotel and other costs before and after the hunt. Entrance fees to Parks
  • Meals and drinks away from hunting area
  • Airfares, air charters or car hire
  • Your own special brand of spirits if not from South Africa
  • Taxidermy, dipping, packing and trophy shipping charges
  • A 14% government Value Added Tax (VAT) on daily rates
  • Gratuities
Mimosa Safaris


The combination of the points listed below makes a visit to South Africa a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

  • A visit to the international city of Cape Town with Table Mountain forming the background, makes this one of the most beautifull cities in the world
  • Wine tasting around the Cape Town region at internationally acclaimed wine cellars
  • Deep sea game fishing
  • See the Great White Shark in its natural habitat while doing shark cage diving
  • Photographic Safaris to the various National Parks (Kruger National Park, Kgalagadi National Park, Umfolozi National Park etc.)
  • Tree Top Canopy tour next to the Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park

This can all be done with the whole family for an experience of a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information on this and more.

Mimosa Safaris Mimosa Safaris

Air charters can be arranged from the major airports to very close proximity of all the concession areas to prevent extra travelling time by vehicle.

Mimosa Safaris

Some guidelines for planning your safari

  • Decide which animals you want to hunt according to the rates. Do not be over-ambitious about the number of trophies, especially on your first safari.
  • Decide how many days you have available for your safari. Rule of thumb for a mixed bag of plains game of five to eight animals is seven days. Dangerous game could require additional days.
  • Make sure you plan your safari for the right time of the year. The optimum hunting season will be from end of March through to the beginning of October.
  • Contact me via e-mail to obtain an estimation.
  • Confirm your booking by paying your required deposit.
  • Start making preparations well in advance.
  • Be physically prepared.

PHASA is internationally recognised for the role it is playing in especially the hunting industry in South Africa. Phasa has a history of playing a significant role in making it easier for you, our clients and friends, with the Outfitters and the Professional Hunters to make it easy for you to visit us in South Africa. Please have a look at their website for additional information on various issues that might be of interest and helpful to you.

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